Saturday, May 15, 2010

Another Weekend

These weekends without Jay are really bumming me out. I mean, we made it thru another deployment yet here we are apart some more. Enough whining. I did get to talk to him a bit this afternoon over the phone and he seemed in good spirits. His smoke breaks are timed so he told me he'd call me again tonight. I'm counting on it.

Yesterday I had to tell him that I couldn't get his new ('87) Mustang started. He told me when he went into the hospital to keep going to the garage and starting it every few days. I totally forgot. How? I have no idea. But when I went out there to finally start it up, the battery had died. I'm not sure why. The day Jay went to the hospital he wanted to sit in his car for a bit before we left. Maybe something was left on and drained the battery. I hope that's all it is. I don't know anything about cars but when it makes no sound at all when you turn the key, I suppose a dead battery is a safe bet.

Also, I had to tell him that the Army is screwing with his paycheck AGAIN. He is owed some back pay that he never received while deployed. He tried to get it fixed while he was in Afghanistan but it never was. He went in to have it fixed when he got home and I was hoping that they had finally decided to give him his correct pay. No luck this payday. Maybe in another two weeks. I want interest.

He's also owed another chunk of money for being deployed that he had to turn in some paperwork for. Unfortunately, all the other guys did this when he was going into the hospital. So we have to wait for Jay to get released before we can even turn ours in. I suppose I could just turn in the paperwork to one of his superiors and just hope for the best. I think, given the track record of complete FAILURES I've witnessed within our time here, I will just wait til Jay can take care of it personally.

On a positive note, it IS the weekend so that means my daughter, P, is here. We are having our last Ghost Whisperer marathon later today. Three discs from Netflix completes Season 4 and brings us up to date. I am a little sad that these little marathons are ending. The regular season of the show is ending next weekend. What will we do all summer???

I suppose it is perfect timing that it is all coming to an end since Jay will be home sometime soon. Given that he sees ghosts of his own right now, I don't want to upset him by watching it on TV. It's weird how a guy who once LOVED horror movies now needs to be sheltered from something as innocent as Ghost Whisperer. Whatever it takes. That's an easily avoided trigger, so avoid it we will.

And as for how soon he'll be home, maybe within a week. Finger's crossed!

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